Exquisite Preserved Long Lasting Roses (last up to three years) Every work of art begins with a blank slate. It is the different elements pulled together in visual harmony that ultimately create the final masterpiece. So goes with The Million Roses...

Our roses are grown in the verdant, sun-drenched fields of Ecuador. Only the most perfect, beautiful and vibrant roses are selected for use within our designs. Our team of floral experts then perform a sophisticated technique allowing the flowers to maintain their natural, fresh cut appearance. Instead of leaving them to dry, they undergo a rehydration process that involves being placed within a mixture of glycerine and other plant elements. This liquid gradually rises through the stem transforming the rose into the longest-lasting flower on the market.

The artistry doesn’t end there, every arrangement is enclosed in a hand-crafted case that has been designed with precision and the utmost attention to detail. When the case arrives, delight and pleasure accompany the unwrapping of this meticulously curated gift.

Every aspect of The Million Roses is unequaled in terms of the exquisite focus on perfection.

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Can I Design My Own Arrangement?

The Million Roses® has the most variety of arrangements that can be customized. All of our boxes have their own innovation and they can be customized in materials, colors and sizes as well to be able to provide the widest range in the industry.

We also carry four different variety of roses in multiple sizes to be able to specifically match them to our box styles and sizes.

Please find ourcustomizable selections here.We try to do the impossible! Please contact us with any additional customize requests.

What Is The Million Roses’ Rewards Program?

To demonstrate how much we cherish our loyal customers, you can gain rewards in more ways than purchasing your favourite products. You only need to register an account to receive enough points for Reward Coupon

If you choose to follow us on our social media sites we will honour that with more points, enough for a larger Reward Coupon.

Earn points with each purchase and redeem them for coupons for 5-20% off

How Do I Care For My Boxed Roses?

The Million Roses® require minimal care to last up to three years.
Here are a few tips to keep the roses looking and thriving at their best:
Keep the roses in a cool and dry place, away from excess heat.
Ideal temperature is 60-75 degree Fahrenheit. Ideal humidity is 50-70%. (Under 50% please use a humidifier to avoid drying out of roses.)
Petals are very delicate so please avoid touching them. Be sure to use soft/sensitive duster for cleaning.
Roses should NOT be watered!
Roses should NOT be removed from the boxed arrangements.
Long stem roses should be taken out of the shipping box and placed in a vase. Stems can be cut to size if desired. Because the petals are very delicate, we suggest keeping them in the same vase for the entire lifetime.

How Can I Pick Up My Roses In Los Angeles?

Los Angeles Downtown Art District Showroom

2301 E 7th St. Los Angeles, California 90023


8:00AM - 4:00PM Monday - Friday

9:00AM - 2:00PM Saturday

Does The Million Roses Deliver Nationwide?

Nationwide UPS or Fedex Delivery on your chosen day - guaranteed.
UPS and Fedex delivery available every day Monday to Saturday.

You can choose the day on our calendar at the checkout process.

Fedex and UPS offers Priority Shipping (delivery by 10:30AM or 12:00PM) and Standard Shipping (delivery by end of the day) for certain days and addresses. All available options are shown on the checkout page.

*Our "Delivery on chosen day" guarantee means that after making your arrangement we are setting up a delivery with Fedex or UPS for the day of your choice. However we have absolutely no control on the shipments after those dispatched from us.

Per our guarantee if Fedex or UPS failed to meet the requested service for any reason (including weather or mechanical issues) we refund ALL shipping fees.

Does The Million Roses Deliver in the Greater Los Angeles Area?

Local Delivery in Los Angeles Area.

We use multiple carriers and drivers for these deliveries depending on the address.

You will receive a notification and a link to track the delivery once the driver / carrier will be assigned.

Please note that if the recipient is not available at location at the time of delivery, the driver will try to get in contact on the phone number(s) you provided at checkout.

Delivery fee:

Standard Delivery: FREE

Priority Delivery: $19

Does The Million Roses Ship Internationally?

Worldwide delivery on chosen day for $30 flat rate.
You can choose the day on our calendar at the checkout process.

Selected delivery date is only a courier estimate for international shipments.

If your requested delivery date is mandatory, we suggest to select a day 2-4 business days earlier.

What Is The Status of My Boxed Roses Delivery?

Status for Hand Deliveries in Greater Los Angeles Area
We use multiple carriers for the hand deliveries and you should receive an email with the tracking link once we set it up for the delivery.

Please note that most of the time we assign the driver at the time of dispatch only.

If you have any question regarding your local delivery please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Status for Nationwide / International Fedex and UPS Shipments
While we would love to be able to update you on the status of your delivery, only Fedex or UPS has the most updated information to offer.

We encourage you to contact them with the tracking number we sent by email via phone.

They will be able to give you the most up to date information about the status of your delivery!

Does The Million Roses Accept Returns?

We do not accept returns. Why?
All works of floral art are made for order and enclosed in a hand- crafted, personalized box. We pack them meticulously in specialty outer boxes which are designed to withstand transit and delivery process. As a result, we do not offer refund or exchanges of our arrangements.

Should there be any issue with your order, please contact us on phone (424) 800-3600 or by email to help@themillionroses.us

Can I Change Or Cancel My Order?

Please be sure to check your confirmation email for any mistakes and / or misspellings because if the order is in production already we are not able to make changes. If you want to make changes ot cancel the order for any reason, please make sure to do it ASAP by email to help@themillionroses.us